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FAQ's For Removals Company London

Q: Can i Pack myself ?
A: If you wish to pack yourself we will provide you with all the materials you need.
We do however strongly recommend that you take advantage of our professional packing service.
We employ highly qualified staff to perform this skilled task. Our clients often wish to pack a few personal items themselves.
Boxes and packing materials can be delivered to you in advance of the removal so that this can be done at your Convenience.

Q: Do you provide storage ?
A: Yes, we can arrange storage at very competitive prices.

Q: How much notice must i give to book a date for packing/moving?
A: We recommend that you give a minimum of 2 weeks notice, although if this is not possible we will endeavor to meet your requirements. Ideally, as soon as you know when you want to move you should confirm dates with us.

Q: How do i arrange for a survey to be taken to estimate my removal?
A: Please call our Reasonable Movers number or email us to arrange for a visit.
Or, click on ‘Here‘ for an online quotation

Q: How and when do i pay?
A: We usually do not take payment upfront, However we do take a 50% deposit for removals to Europe, Rest of the payment must be paid before our men can leave.
We do not accept cheques But you can pay by Credit/debit card by calling our office.
Payments in cash can be paid directly to our bank account the day before your move, by calling our call centre and confirming our bank details with yourselves. Alternatively you can also pay our driver cash after completion of the job.

Q: What do i do to book you?
A: You can use our quote form on the top menu, contact us by telephone or contact us using our contact form.

Q: Do you provide more men if required ?
A: Yes, Please let us know when you enquire about a quotation.

Q: Does my quote include Congestion charge or other tolls?
A: If your removal is within the congestion charge or on a toll road the cost will be added to the final price.

Q: Once a move has been booked, How do you proceed ?
A: We will send you a confirmation email on the day of your booking and we will also call or text a day prior to the move.

Q: Can we rely you will be there at our address on time?
A: We try to to be punctual. However if by any chance due to traffic jams etc we are late, we will give you a call to let you know exactly what time we will arrive.

Q: Do you charge the same rate at weekends and Bank holidays ?
A: Yes, Our prices are the same.

Q: Can i ride in the van ?
A: Yes, provided there is room within the vehicle.

Q: Do you dump or recycle furniture or junk?
A: Yes, we are registered to use the recycling and refuse tips.

Q: Do you do evening or night Removals?
A: Yes

Q: Can you guys move pianos?
A: We can move pianos from ground floor to ground floor or if there is a lift available.

Q: When will you do packing ?
Q: Generally we will send in our crew the day prior to the move to start packing. OR we can do the packing on the same day as the move.

Q: What time do you start ?
A: Anytime you prefer

Q: Do you help load/unload the van?
A: Yes our men will do the loading and unloading

Q: Do I need a removal company for a Business move?
A: Consider the health and safety and morale impact of asking employees to do the heavy lifting, not to mention the risk of disconnecting systems that are vital to your business and the cost of not having them running exactly when you need them.

Q: Will Reasonable Movers manage a small office move project?
A: Yes. We move Hundreds of small businesses each year.

Q: Does Reasonable Movers Business Solutions cover my area?
A: Yes, Reasonable Movers Business Solutions can provide local business moving services and operationally covers every UK postcode in the UK.

Q: What services will you provide?
A: Our service is designed around you. We will come to your business or Home to understand the scope of your home or office move project. We can help you plan your space at your new property, move desks and heavy furniture. An office move may take place over a weekend or at night or even a bank holiday, which means you can operating ‘business as usual’ on the next day.


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